The D2C Unlocked is a series of offline networking meetups that is aimed at bringing founders of young and established D2C brands together to enable cross-learning, idea and problem sharing and also allow them to stay connected.



D2C Unlocked comes back to Bangalore this February with our Sixth Chapter – Namma Bengaluru


Our Speakers:

  • Chetan Sharma – VP, Digital Marketing at Simpl
  • Anish Basu Roy – Co-Founder & CEO at TagZ Foods
  • Rohit Kumar – Digital Marketing & Growth at


Here’s what you can expect out of this session:

  • Be part of a Panel discussion with industry experts performance marketing and growth tools.
  • An opportunity to meet and network with founders such as yourselves who are also building amazing products
  • To learn from industry leaders and gain unmatched insight on the D2C ecosystem
  • A venue to collaborate with the Simpl D2C community and build awareness about your brand
  • Be one of the 5 brands that get a chance to showcase their products, be part of the giveaway and also get to share their story with the larger crowd.

If you’d like to know more about these networking events, check out what our previous Bangalore and Mumbai meetups looked like so far


Thursday, February 16th, 2023

18:00 PM Onwards


The Fatty Bao, Lavelle Road