Building a D2C Community, One Brand at a Time

Simpl hosted the first of many D2C Meet Up with representatives from 21 brands from the D2C ecosystem at GoNative, Bangalore. Nitya Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder of Simpl, along with our entire Business team, joined the meeting. The session included insightful conversations between Nitya, and Ankur Khaitan, Principal, Fireside Ventures.

The brands were able to network with their peers and understand the nuances of branding and marketing from each other. The fireside chat went on for a couple of hours with lots of interesting questions and knowledge sharing on marketing and branding.

At Simpl, we’re driven by the idea of empowering merchants, big or small, and constantly working towards strengthening their bonds of trust with their exclusive consumers and tangibly growing the brand power of D2C brands.



The D2C brands that joined us: Flatheads, Waterscience, Mytravely, Mensa, BuyWow, Plugo, Freshmenu, Country Clay, Medwiser, Bounce, Ethical, Audio, Headstart, Rapido, We Are For You, Nutri Fuel, Stratham.



For many guests, it was their first business onsite catch up, and this is what the folks had to say:

“There are not many meetups that happen in D2C, so it was good to attend one; it also gave us a perspective of what investors look for in early-stage D2C brands and how can we collaborate with them.”

“I would love to attend more such meetups if the venue is more central; this gave me an opportunity to learn what’s new in the early stage D2C world.” 

 “Meeting other D2C companies made us realize that there is so much opportunity for us to collaborate with D2C companies; this meetup helped us find new business opportunities.”

“We look forward to more such sessions, in collaboration with Headstart, and further strengthening the D2C community.”


10 September, 2022