5 Ways to Supercharge D2C Growth

The D2C space has been booming in India with over 5000 E-commerce D2C brands. The competition is steep and is on an increasing slope and as a D2C brand, you must do what it takes to ensure your business stands out from the rest. That is why we’ve identified 5 key points to keep in mind for when it comes to D2C startup growth.


> Personalization for the win:

The increase in the number of shoppers and stores online have made things very generic – this is a huge opportunity for businesses to make a difference with a little personalization which can go a long way in helping you stand out. A friendly message, calling out your customers’ name or even location based personalization with your marketing communications can improve your customers’ experience and even improve brand recall and conversions.

>  Automation can release a huge burden:
D2C businesses like yours have the potential to grow rapidly which means you need to focus on what really matters. Automating the more menial tasks such as marketing, workflows, reporting, etc, can allow you to do more in less time whilst reducing the risk of human error.

>  Pay attention to your buyers’ journey and map out your buyer persona:
Map out your customers’ entire journey to highlight friction points as well as identify opportunities for personalization. Something as small as removing an unnecessary step in your customer journey can go a long way with improving your customer experience. Additionally, ensure you have a stronghold on your buyer persona and highlight pain points, challenges and anything else you can gather about your ideal customer. The more your refine and define your ideal customer, the easier it becomes to relate to them and help them make a purchase decision.

>  Mobile first is the way to go:
Global statistics show that 56% of online sales happen on mobile sites, which makes it utterly important that your customer has a great experience on mobile as well. Optimizing your website to be mobile-first will ensure your site is more user-friendly and improve customer experience and attract more clicks and improve conversions.

Optimize payments and checkout

Payments have the potential to cause the most amount of friction for your customer, which is why it can be a crucial aspect of converting your customers as well. Having multiple payment options including credit/debit cards, UPI, COD and even a BNPL option for your customers makes it more likely for them to make a payment faster than if they have limited options.



21 September, 2022