D2C Unlocked: Chapter 19: Vanakkam Coimbatore || The Greatest Insights Unlocked!

19th Chapter of D2C Unlocked, a flagship community-led founders event held in Coimbatore witnessed a gathering of founders of over 50 Direct-to-Customer (D2C) brands from the state, for networking and knowledge exchange among industry leaders and experts. The event unfolded with a dynamic panel discussion with co-founders of leading D2C brands namely:

  1. Nihal TC from Blue Tyga
  2. Khais Rahman from LRL Motors
  3. Pritesh Asher from Juicy Chemistry
  4. Shivam Kumar Dang from Simpl

Let us quickly discuss the most important insights witnessed during this discussion:

Community trust is important:

Community trust is a cornerstone for success in the realm of Direct-to-Customer (D2C) brands. Khais Rahman emphasized the pivotal role of User-Generated Content (UGC) in nurturing this trust. He commented, “When customers contemplate purchasing high-involvement products, their inclination to seek insights from fellow consumers becomes paramount. Hence, fostering a platform that encompasses reviews, testimonials, social media posts, videos, and other content generated by customers themselves is imperative.”

The strategic use of UGC significantly contributes to establishing the bedrock of credibility and authenticity. Potential customers, when exposed to genuine user experiences and opinions, are more inclined to positively perceive and engage with a brand. This, in turn, substantially influences their decision-making process, nudging them towards confident and informed purchase decisions.

Marketplaces to begin with but later move to your D2C channel:

Panelists spoke about the importance of starting on established platforms like Amazon or Flipkart as it initially benefits brands by tapping into existing customer bases and reducing initial costs. This approach speeds up sales without needing to create their own sales platform. The platforms handle logistics and analytics, allowing brands to focus on products and marketing.

However, the long-term goal of D2C brands is to move to their direct sales channel. This move offers significant advantages: complete control over branding, a better understanding of customer needs, and personalized marketing. Direct channels also mean owning valuable customer data, guiding better product development, and targeted marketing. It reduces reliance on external platforms, safeguarding against policy changes or higher fees. It establishes a direct link with customers, ensuring tailored solutions that meet their preferences, promising sustained success in a dynamic market.

Trusted checkout is a mandate for your D2C business: 

In the world of direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses, a reliable checkout process is crucial. Khais from LRL Motors highlighted this during the panel discussion, citing Simpl’s impact on their business. The checkout phase marks the culmination of a customer’s journey, significantly shaping their experience.

Simpl’s streamlined and secure checkout system transformed LRL Motors’ operations, ensuring a seamless transaction process. This not only boosts customer satisfaction but also reduces cart abandonment rates and increases conversions. Beyond efficient transactions, a trustworthy checkout mechanism like Simpl fosters customer trust and simplifies purchasing.

Make the lives of people more comfortable by researching about the problems they face: 

Making people’s lives more comfortable involves a proactive approach to understanding and solving their day-to-day challenges. Nihal from Blue Tyga shared a compelling example of this approach by highlighting the inception of their Sunscreen jacket. This innovative product stemmed from observing a woman spending a considerable amount of time covering herself before riding her two-wheeler, which sparked the idea of creating a solution to this specific problem.

The key principle behind this strategy is empathy-driven research. It involves delving into the lives of the target audience, actively listening to their experiences, and identifying pain points or inconveniences they face. This meticulous observation allows companies like Blue Tyga to gain a deep understanding of the real-life issues people encounter.

Talk to your customers:

Pritesh from Juicy Chemistry spoke about the importance of engaging in direct conversations with the customers. He spoke about how it stands as a fundamental pillar for their brand, particularly when it comes to introducing new products. He commented, “We firmly believe that educating consumers about our offerings takes precedence before anything else, a crucial step often overlooked in marketplaces.”

D2C brands also need to study consumer behavior. Understanding the evolving behaviors of the Gen Z generation is pivotal. Their seamless integration with phone applications and swift adaptability characterize their shopping habits. Time is of the essence for them – the traditional shopping journey involving travel, parking, and in-store browsing doesn’t align with their fast-paced lifestyle. They prefer the convenience of purchasing products with a simple click.

The trust of your consumer on every platform is very important: 

Consumer trust stands as a paramount asset in any business strategy. Establishing direct communication channels, such as through WhatsApp or other mediums, plays a pivotal role in nurturing this trust. Timely responses, ideally within one minute, are crucial to demonstrating attentiveness and reliability. Moreover, comprehensive product information readily available on the product side ensures transparency and instills confidence in the consumer. Recognizing the significance of skincare and haircare in consumers’ lives, products must deliver on promises from the first use; otherwise, there’s a risk of losing the customer permanently.

To fortify connections and accessibility, it’s essential to create multiple touchpoints across platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and various other channels to engage consumers effectively. The post-sales experience significantly impacts customers’ perceptions and willingness to become brand advocates, underscoring the importance of exceptional service and support during and after the purchase phase, nurturing not only satisfaction but also encouraging positive word-of-mouth referrals.

To quickly sum up about the brands given above:

  • Blue Tyga: It deals with comfortable athleisure wear in India, their bestseller is Sunscreen Jacket
  • LRL Motors: Prominent player in the import and marketing of premium motorcycle-related products
  • Juicy Chemistry: Specializes in 100% organic beauty and personal care products for face, skin, hair and body in India